10 Things You Probably Didn't Know You Could Do in Zbrush

Hi there folks,

Please check out my latest article over at CreativeBloq.


The tips are mainly aimed at new and intermediate users of Zbrush but there might be one or two tips in there that seasoned users will find helpful.


Artwork: Chestburster & Blacksad WIP

Hi there folks, I just wanted to post up some WIP artwork, first up is the Chestburster from Alien (1979) and second is a quick polypainted version of my old Blacksad speed sculpt.  I want to work more on these but other work has meant putting them to the side for the time being.

NEW SITE *Domain forwarding fixed.

Hi folks,

Well, after a whole day of issues with things not working at times and working at others, after contacting the Squarespace helpdesk, everything is now working as it should.


Should now direct properly to the site and the original 'pat-imire.squarespace' address should be replaced with 'patimrie.com'

It normally takes around 24 hours for the whole DNS to be propagated across the whole web so from time to time the site may go down or not load.  But please keep checking, if anything seems broken, please let me know.

Cheers folks,


EVEN More Site Updates

Howdy folks,

Turns out there are a few DNS errors with my domain forwarding to my new site over at Squarespace, so it is currently kicking out a 404 error. While I look into fixing it, please go to...


I will put out an update once I have everything sorted out!



More Site Updates

Howdy folks,

Just another little update.  I have now added new #About and #Testimonials sections to my new webiste.

Please check it out here:  www.patimrie.com

There will be more updates coming soon.  Including a Services page and hopefully a new tutorials section that will work on all devices.  The current Flash based one only works correctly on Chrome when no 'ad-blockers' are on.

More soon folks,



Hi there folks, I recently discovered Squarespace and I have been slowly updating my personal website.
I've never been great at the details of web development, nor have I had the time to really get into the nitty gritty of it - so with Squarespace I have finally been able to bring everything together in one place.

It's still a work in progress but it will now see more regular updates and changes as it progresses.  Plus it automatically sets up the site for Mobile which is far more convenient.

Anyway, let me know what you think. More updates soon.



Jon Tojek 'Librarian' Tests

Howdy folks,

This is an HDR test from Jon Tojek ( VFX Lighting and Look Dev Artist) that I came across on his website.  It was great to see the 'Librarian' mesh from my Digital Tutors workshop on 'Modelling a Fantasty Character in Maya' get a new lease of life.  Most of the work I do is semi-realistic and I always prefer to go for a more illustrative look for my images so it's nice to see the model in a different light. 

So a huge thanks to Jon, for using my mesh for his tests.  It's always humbling to have someone of Jon's calibre using my work for his lighting tests. Cheers Jon. You can see more of his work on his site at: 

Follow this link to see more images of the Librarian tests. 

TUTORIAL: Changing the Maya Startup Screen

Hi there folks, this is just a quick little tutorial on how to change your default Maya startup screen should you be in the mood to do some customisation.

NOTE - Be sure to backup your original startup image in case you want to revert back to the default without having to reinstall Maya.