ARTWORK: Keyshot Test

Hi there folks,

Just a quick post to update you on my tests with the new Keyshot for Zbrush feature in Zbrush 4R7. I've had some issues with my laptop recently and I've just got back on track with it, so my review of Zbrush 4R7 is forthcoming and here is a quick image I created using Keyshot.

I modelled this pocket torch using the new ZModeller features and then sent it to Keyshot applied some materials and an HDRI, tweaked a few settings, added a label and boom.

I'm pretty happy with the results of this, particularly the speed at which I could produce such a quality render. I've used Keyshot from time to time in the past but I can see it becoming part of my workflow for artwork in the future.

Let me know what you think and as I said, my review/first impressions of the new features in Zbrush 4R7 is coming soon.

Until then, stay well folks.


UPDATE - It's been some time....

Howdy folks,

I know it has been many months since my last update and honestly I didn't realise just how long it had been since my last post.

The Third Floor

However, I do have a good reason for this, back in November 2014 I moved to London to start work for The Third Floor, a Pre-Visualisation studio that has created the digital pre-vis for a whole plethora of films. You can find out more here:  The Third Floor

As I am full-time at the studio, my freelance work and tutorials have needed to take a back seat for now.  Tutorials will return in the future but for now you will still be able to view all my previous tutorials here on the Blog, my Website or on the original Vimeo Channel. 

New Youtube Channel 

I have also recently transferred all of my tutorials from Vimeo to a new Youtube channel, simply to try and reach a wider audience.  I tried this in the past but never stuck with it and had only uploaded a few videos, however you will now find playlists with Maya tutorials, Zbrush tutorials and Timelapses.  I will be uploading any future (free) tutorials to Vimeo, Youtube and the Blog. In the future I would also like to start providing reviews of software and hardware when time allows so keep an eye out for that,  The page is still definitely a work in progress, but please check it out all the same. (I will get a custom URL soon)  Now What YouTUBE Could Do is!!!

Autodesk Certified Maya Professional

This year I went along and sat the Maya Certification program, which I have been wanting to do for sometime but only got round to sitting it in 2014.  It's a really good thing to have on the CV and it means I can post this snazzy logo wherever I see fit! :)

No 2014 Year in Review? 

I got a PM about why I never uploaded a review of my year like I have done in the past and it was simply due to time, I will however give you a brief rundown: 

I went on two awesome holidays, got to attend SIGGRAPH again and met up with a lot of people whom I've connected with over the years through Digital Tutors, Linkedin and Twitter. Worked as Maya mentor for Escape Studios and got a new job in London.  Experienced (and have continued to) a whole host of new foods that I honestly wouldn't have considered and I have a certain someone to thank for that! ;)

Then rounded the year off in the best way possible, spending time back in Scotland with family and friends.  

Back in London now for the start of 2015, not sure what's next this year but that's all part of the fun. 


Right folks, that's what I have for now, I will endeavor to update the blog more frequently over the next while and I will be sure to get some more content up for all your viewing pleasure when I have time. 

Until next time, stay well folks.


ARTWORK: DirectX 11 Viewport tests in Maya

I've been doing some DirectX11 viewport tests in Maya and while it's pushing the limits of my aging graphics card. (ATI Firepro v5800) I'm pretty happy with the results so far.

ARTWORK: Suri WIP Update

Hi folks,

Been working more on my image 'Suri' and I wanted to do a bit of look dev to try out some poses/textures and a colour palette.  Still a WIP and this is just a Zbrush render tweaked in photoshop but I am happy with how it's progressing.

Q&C always welcome.



Hi there folks,

Here is a few Zbrush renders of a recent personal study I'm working on in my spare time. A study of a Suri Tribes boy.  I've worked on him for around 4 hours or so, currently refining the forms in dynamesh before doing a retopo and reproject so  I can continue refining the sculpt.

I also have a 6 minute time-lapse showing some of the stages of the
sculpt. As always questions and comments are welcome.



I am currently working on a new 5 part Introduction to Zbrush for my next tutorial.  It will be available through my Gumroad page, I will post updates as soon as I have them.


ARTWORK: Triceratops Skull WIP

An early look at a sculpt I am currently working on, I decided I wanted to do a bunch of skull studies and thought I would start with a Triceratops as they have a really interesting shape to their skull, which makes for a great silhouette and a good sculpting challenge.  Not sure how far I will take this, I might leave it as just an upper skull and mandible or I might separate it into the individual skull parts...we will see. 

ARTWORK: Environment WIP

Hi folks,

Here is a brief look at the environment from a personal project that I am working on from time to time during my spare time.  The image is character focussed but I wanted to create a very detailed background for it to create some visual interest and draw the viewers eye around.

Clearly this is still a WIP but I thought I would post it all the same.  It's quite a big project and there are some elements that I might remodel as I have become unhappy with them as I've continued to work on the image, but we will see.

Everything here has been modelled in Maya.

Will post more soon as and when I have it.